About Us


Mount Vernon Asset Management, LLC (MVAM) was established in 2005, initially to provide asset management services for third party, commercial real estate (CRE) investors (debt and equity). MVAM expanded its scope of business in 2006 to include underwriting and purchasing distressed sssets, primarily CRE debt and equity. The 2007 – 2013 period was an active time for acquisition. The assets acquired are either for sale or have been sold. The thinking is underwrite and acquire impaired assets, add value via problem resolution (asset recovery) and sell the appreciated asset.


Geoffrey Curme, founder, serves as managing member and operates through third party firms to perform the actual recovery work, e.g., complete construction, lease vacant space, and all aspects of property management. Due diligence underwriting is performed in-house, information for which comes from third party inspectors, consultants, etc. who are tried and true professionals. In-house staffing moves up and down with the economic cycle. Due to current up market conditions, no in-house staff. Current investment activity is focused on infill land acquisition and replatting to higher density.