Who We Are

Encompassing an effective team of Asset Managers and financial support staff, Mount Vernon executives represent a broad range of skills and experience in Real Estate operations, compliance and finance.  With 50 years of combined service, our asset management team provides successful outcomes in today’s volatile real estate markets. Our core values are integrity, trust and excellence, which permeates every aspect of our daily operations.

What We Do

Mount Vernon manages distressed real estate, and also corporate debt secured by impaired real estate. We have extensive experience with recovery of value from distressed assets. We do this by understanding the operating environment and market conditions to determine the hidden value of assets in distress.  We manage our real estate portfolios with a focus on reduction of risks, and maximization of value for our clients and partners.  Mount Vernon asset management strategies include achievement of the highest return on investment and creation of positive long-term cash flow.

How We Do It

Our goal is simple – to exceed expectations:

  • Be Consistent  – We do what we say we are going to do
  • Be Accurate – We get it right, the first time
  • Be Prompt – We hit our targets, deadlines matter


We look forward to creating a lasting relationship with you.